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Doesn’t it feel good to shake off the week? To leave the stress or whatever made you uneasy during the week, far behind and enjoy the things you like to do.

Of course, it does. But, what if besides enjoying the outdoors with the kids, reading a nice book, or just flipping channels at home when you finally have some peace and quiet, you …plan for a night out? Exactly. Just like in the past when you didn’t have the kids and less responsibilities.

A mom’s night out should be a must every other weekend, or at least once a month. Not only to keep you sane from your hectic routine; but, to do something exciting and “let loose” a little. It will rejuvenate you and separate you from the responsibilities of always being in charge of everything, your life, your house, and your child/children.

Take some time to plan the details

In the past, you might have called a friend, gotten a couple of tickets, or simply picked out an outfit, all on the same day, and you were on your way! That was great, and even now, there may still be times when you can do that if everything happens to work out. It is just a night out, not mission impossible!.. But generally, when you have kids, things need a little more planning.

So, start from the very basics.If the baby’s daddy is around and available, perfect! If not, check your options with enough lead time.Keep in mind, you can’t plan anything too far ahead of the night you have in mind, because things can change quickly when you have kids. You know how it is, kids get sick, they hurt themselves, the person you had in mind can’t take of them, etc. It is best to schedule something during the same week.


You don’t have to break the bank

You shouldn’t consider a night out a luxury.This is your time, you need it.The good thing about it is, that you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount of money to make it happen and have fun.


First, don’t overstress about your outfit. You don’t need to go shopping every single time you have a night out. We all love to look our best when we have a night out, but if you spend money on an entire outfit every time you go out, it can eventually add to your stress, not get rid of it.

The idea of buying something new every time you go out can be discouraging. Also, you’ll spend additional money, even before your night out starts. And as a single mom, you may not have a lot of disposable income to spend on clothing. Keep it simple.

Go to your closet and get creative with some of the things you already have. You’ll be surprised how much an outfit can change, if you simply accessorize it differently.

Try to look for deals in town, or even better check out for deals at your favorite stores or sites online and save time. That’s the best way to keep costs within your budget. If movies are what you’re into, weekdays might work best for you. You might find some deals if you purchase your tickets ahead of time online. Places like Fandango and Groupon always have some pretty cool deals.

A night of comedy is also a great idea. If you’re in the NYC area, check out places like Gotham Comedy Club or Comedy Cellar. If this is one of your options for the night, they might ask you to subscribe to their email list, but this will keep you up to date on the upcoming shows. Their prices are really reasonable and you’ll definitely have a good laugh! If you don’t live in the NYC area, check your own city for comedy shows.

The key point is, to do a little bit of research on whatever you have in mind before you go out for the night. You can save some $$$’s most of the time, if you book or purchase tickets ahead of time.


After this one I’m done

How many of us have said this in the past?If your idea of a night out is something more like a lounge, club or any other type of night out where things can get a little wilder, then Great! If you haven’t done this in a while, you might feel you need one of those kind of nights, to “get it out of your system”. Just keep in mind, you’re a MOM now, and unless you’re really fortunate and plan this very well, then chances are you’ll still have to take care of the kids the day after!… Ouch!… Yes.

Therefore, you shouldn’t drink like you’re still in college, or you’re single with zero responsibilities, or that this is your last night out ever! You’ll probably regret it the next day, when your little one wakes up at 7:00 am and you had three hours of sleep and lot more alcohol than your body could handle.

drunk-woman in her bathroom


Learn your limit.Everybody can handle a different amount of liquor based on a number of factors: weight, health condition, food intake, etc. On one hand, your friend might be okay by the end of the night; even though, she had the same amount of drinks you did. But, on the other hand, you might not even remember how to get home at the end of the night! Not cool.

Remember to also drink WATER while you’re out drinking your adult beverages. This will helps you stay hydrated and slow the effects of alcohol.

Be responsible and have fun!

Just because you’re a mom or a single mom, doesn’t mean the fun is over and you can’t or shouldn’t have night out when possible. Having fun and doing different things from time to time is what keeps us excited and happy in a way.








The difference now is that you are responsible not only for your own good but also for your little ones. Anything that happens to you, affects them one way or another. Don’t put yourself in danger or do anything that could, at the very least, affect them.

But, don’t deprive yourself.Live a little, have fun, plan your night out well, it’s really nice to have some adult fun, and something to look forward to. The happier you are, the happier you’ll be with your kids, as well. Enjoy yourself!

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  1. Hahah, this hit home for me. I NEED A NIGHT OUT!!!
    It’s so true, we get so caught up in the lives of our children that we forget about ourselves, it’s in our nature. But we do need to re-charge and have some fun. I love the way you laid it all out for us Mommies, 🙂 it’s a great reminder to stop and think and do a little planning for ourselves, cuz WE DESERVE IT !!!

    🙂 Cheers & thank you

    1. admin says:

      Hi Agnes,
      Thanks for your message! We’re moms full of responsibilities but we also need to have fun from time to time. You’re absolutely right we deserve it!

      Carolina 🙂

  2. So true. Being a single mom is a hard work and a great responsibility. Sometimes we became so stressed and tired, that we start losing compassion toward ourselves. First, it is important to recharge ourself. Learning how to love and take care of yourselves, can naturally help to share our love with our kids and to set them with good example. A rested mom is much more enjoyble to be around, than the one who is exhausted. And we couldn’t fully give our love to our kids if we don’t cultivate it for ourselves.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Olina,
      Exactly!… our kids deserve all the love and attention we can possibly give them, but they also deserve a happy mom!… and it’s also important, as they get old, for them to understand mommy needs her time too.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Carolina 🙂

  3. Melissa says:

    Great article and reminder for all moms to TREAT yourself. I have to admit that as a mom in the past sometimes I would get caught up in responsibilities and forget that I needed to have fun too! Moms need to be healthy emotionally and physically and making sure you don’t deprive yourself of the things you love is important. I love that you mention a very important factor to make sure you are responsible. Not only do you need to ensure you return home you wouldn;t want to be an irresponsible parent that can teach your child bad habits. Again, great article!

    1. admin says:

      Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for your comment!…Exactly, being a parent doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself, but at the same time, you can’t be totally careless. It’s all about having the right balance and our priorities in place.

      Thanks for stopping by!
      Carolina 🙂

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